Company Profile

Bhagwati Medicare Devices was established in the year 2014 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, with an aim to be on the top of the Surgical Disposal Products sector. All our efforts towards reaching our business goal is backed by a team of dedicated professionals who understand market needs and cater to the same with utmost perfection. Our quality control policy is highly trustworthy and helps us in maintaining the top standard of our products and delivering products which are reliable. With stringent quality check, only defect-free products reach our clients. Further, we have two large production units for the production of maximum products in a quick and hassle-free manner.

We have quality credentials like:

  • ISO-9001:2008
  • ISO-13485:2003
  • CE Marking

Product Range

Bhagwati Medicare Devices offers products which are free from any defects and are highly reliable for use in various medical applications. The superior quality of products has made us a top market player. Our detailed product range is as follows:

  • Anaesthesia
    • Respiratory Exerciser (Flociser) A-3801
    • Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set A-3802
    • Oxygen Face Mask Flo-On A-3803
    • Nebulizer Kit Flo-On A-3804
    • HME-BVF Breathing Filter A-3805
    • Ventilator Circuit (Plain) A-3806-1
    • Ventilator Circuit (Single Water Trape) A-3806-2
    • Ventilator Circuit (Double Water Trape) A-3806-3
    • Ventilator Kit Flo-On A-3806-4
    • Suction Catheter Flo-On A-3807
    • Urethral Catheter Flo-On A-3808
    • Guedel Airways Flo-On A-3809
    • T-Recovery Kit Flo Vent A-3811
    • Nebulizer With T – Piece A-3814
    • High Concentration Mask Flo-On A-3815
    • Cath – Mount Flo-On A-3816
    • Bains Circuit With Heindbrink Valve A-3817
    • Endotracheal Tube Oral / Nasal (Plain) A-3818
    • Endotracheal Tube Oral / Nasal With Cuff A-3819
  • Gastroenterology
    • Ryle's Tube Flo-On G-5801
    • Infant Feeding Tube Flo-On G-5802
    • Ryle's Tube Flo Line G-5803
    • Abdominal Drain Kit ADK-Flo G-5804

  • Surgery
    • Vacuum Suck Suction Set Flo-O S-4801
    • Chest Drainage Catheter Flo-On S-4802
  • Transfusion
    • Infusion Set - Flo-On Paper Pouch Pack T-1802
    • Infusion Set - Flo-On (Luer Lock) T-1803
    • Infusion Set - Flo-On (BMD) T-1804
    • Infusion Set Flo-On T-1805
    • Infusion Set Flo-On T-1806
    • Infusion Set Flo-On T-1807
    • Blood Administration Set Flo-On T-1808
    • Blood Administration Set Flo-On T-1809
    • Measure Volume Set Flo-On T-1811
    • Extension Line With 3 Way Stop Cock T-1814
    • High Pressure Monitoring Line T-1815
    • Flow Regulator Flo-On T-1816
  • Urology
    • Urine Collecting Bag Flo-On U-2801
    • Urine Collecting Bag With Hanger - Flo-1 U-2802
    • Urine Collecting Bag Uro-Meatry U-2803
    • Nelaton Catheter Flo-On U-2804
    • Male External Devices Flo-On U-2805
    • Pediatric Urine Collector Bag U-2806

Some other products offered by us:

  • Latex Surgical Gloves Flo-On M-6801
  • Umbilical Cord Clamp Flo-On M-6802
  • Infant Mucus Extractor Flo-On M-6803
  • Corrugated Drainage Sheet Flo-On M-6804
  • Urine Culture Bottle Flo-On M-6805 

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ICICI Bank, Saraspur Nagrik Co Op Bank Ltd


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8, Maruti Industrial Estate, Near Sindhval Mata Temple, C.T.M. Ramol Road, C.T.M. Cross Road, Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380026, India
Phone :25855711